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Phoenix Mills

Rooibos and Honey Bee Pollen, with Natural and Artificial Flavoring
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Phoenix Mills Tea offers a unique twist on the traditional tea drinking experience. Our signature blend of rooibos and honey bee pollen creates a sweet and calming brew that tastes like it's straight from the forests of California. Perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up or as an indulgent companion for late night conversations, Phoenix Mills Tea is a one-of-a-kind experience that will make your taste buds soar. For our tea lovers who are looking for something with an extra kick, our natural and artificial flavoring pairs perfectly with this blend to keep your spirits bright and create a memorable experience. Not only is our tea packed with flavor, but it's also filled with the natural benefits of honey bee pollen. A perfect balance between tradition and modernity, Phoenix Mills Tea is sure to become your go-to cup this season.