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Black Tea and Honey Pollen, with Natural and Artificial Flavoring
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Step into a world of relaxation with Phoenix - a deliciously sweet and comforting blend of black tea, honey, vanilla, and caramel. Perfect for any time of day, Phoenix has no calories but will still leave you feeling content and happy. Brew a cup of Phoenix when you need a little break from your day. This fragrant blend of ingredients fills the air with a vibrant aroma that will help ease away the stress and just make you feel calm. Imagine the perfect little nest of comfort with a cozy warmth filled by the sweet and toasty scent of caramel, vanilla, and honey. But Phoenix's relaxing benefits aren't just about its sumptuous aroma and tasty flavors. This special blend of ingredients offers a unique blend of natural and artificial flavoring. It all starts with a smooth, full-bodied cup of black tea blended with honey pollen for a subtle sweet kick. Then Phoenix is carefully infused with the perfect hint of vanilla for a creamy twist, and just the right amount of caramel for a complimentary depth that's simply delightful. You'll be proud to know that Phoenix is expertly blended in California with the highest-quality ingredients. We believe that tea-time should be a treat inside and out - starting with the amazing taste and ending with the knowledge that responsibly sourced ingredients are elevating your day. Make Phoenix part of your routine (or special occasions). Simply put, Phoenix is an easy and delicious way to unwind, relax, and enjoy.