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Shou Mei

Chinese White Tea
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You should sip Shou Mei for a truly enchanting tea drinking experience. Grown in Fujian, China, this white tea is one of the purest and brightest teas around—perfect for all your tea-drinking occasions. It's sweet and mellow taste is complemented by a light floral, fruity and woody flavor. Shou Mei is a Chinese classic with a fascinating history spanning over centuries. For centuries, tea drinkers have flocked to Fujian, China for the decadent cup of Shou Mei that has a unique, aromatic taste. Its colorful flavor comes from the finest hand-picked leaves with each cup containing vitamins that are essential for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. So why not take a moment out of your day and indulge in a subtle and delightful cup of Shou Mei. Get in touch with your senses and explore the depth of flavor in this smooth and fragrant white tea. With its light flavor and powerful tea health benefits, Shou Mei will make for the perfect pre- or post-meal beverage. Taste the unique and exquisite flavor of Shou Mei today and discover why it's so beloved by tea enthusiasts around the world.