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White Blossom Earl Grey

White Tea and Cornflower, with Natural and Artificial Flavoring
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Introducing White Blossom Earl Grey, the lightly-bodied, deliciously floral tea you won't be able to resist. Made from the finest white tea and blended with warm bergamot essence and bright blue cornflower petals, this cup of joe will have you feeling refreshed and energized all day. With its brisk flavor and intoxicating citrus notes, White Blossom Earl Grey is sure to become your favorite afternoon pick-me-up. For the perfect cup of White Blossom Earl Grey, steep about one teaspoon of loose tea leaves into 8 ounces of hot water for one to two minutes. You'll be in for a treat when the tea unfurls its lovely blossoms and releases a light aroma. The flavor is both light and brisk, the perfect blend of light-bodied but bold tea. The bergamot essence is limited to a hint, allowing the unique natural sweetness of the white tea and the vibrant notes from the cornflower to come through. Prepare yourself to be smitten over this delightful, vibrant blend. Try it for yourself and experience its delightful flavor and aroma. White Blossom Earl Grey is suitable for treating yourself as well as for a special guest. So why not enjoy this fragrant cup of tea, perfectly curated and blended in California? You won't be disappointed!